Our Services

We recognised that every organisation is struggling to find resources to invest in developing their digital business ideas and in succeeding as a next generation digital company in the market place. We also know that the skills, energy and enthusiasm among students can make things happen, so all our services are delivered in collaboration with students and university partnerships.

Idea validation

We work with top business schools to validate the market needs of the idea and refine your business model


Our expert prototyping team turn your idea in to a proof of concept or a prototype to further refine the main value drivers of the product

Minimum Viable Product

Our agile delivery teams work with your product owner to build the product through agile iterations and test on real customers

Minimum Viable Business

We do branding, marketing, social media campaigns and prepare for the launch. We continue further scaling your business.

Core Values

We focus on value creation, not size

We deliver products with a group of really young professionals and students, so working faster in a true start-up culture is what we are good at. The Knut Lab team has experience working with large organizations and have been crucial in introducing agility in their organizations during their employment. Our service model suits organizations of any size and industry background whether it is a start-up or a large corporation.

Monetisation from Digitisation

Our focus is to support any organizations that wants to develop and elevate their business to drive growth through digital platform services and products. We work with you to ensure that the selected idea and platform has the potential to create new revenue streams for your organization.

Core, Emerging and New Markets

If your organization is planning to create a digital service based venture to add additional value to your customers in your core markets or to grow within the emerging markets and to enter new markets then you have come to the right place. Knut Lab has collaboration with top business schools across the world, making your market expansion and scalability affordable.

Talent Development & Recruitment

By developing your business idea in to a product with us you naturally are exposed to the would be graduates from top technical and business schools. The students work with you directly and demonstrate their skills by working directly on real use cases providing you with the opportunities to acquire those talents and skills upon their graduation. If you are struggling to find skills then come work with us, learn about your future employees and if you like them just hire them.