Knut Model

Digital businesses use technology to create new value in business models, customer experiences and the internal capabilities that support its core operations. Our services are tailored to focus on developing new business models and new revenue streams for your organization.

Test your ideas with us for free

If you are unsure about where to start with developing your business idea, our experienced team of MBA students from top business schools will work with you to build a solid business plan. Our technical team consisting of programmers and growth hackers from top technical schools can rapidly turn that idea in to a mock-up. Based on the mock-up and business idea, we develop a survey for you to test the response on real customers before a decision to build the final product can be taken.

Launching the project

Once you decide to pursue the idea further to build the final product, we work with you in forming self sufficient teams with needed skills and capabilities. Our teams mostly work remotely and consists of team members from your organization, Knut Lab experts and students from management and technical schools. We embrace a true start-up and agile culture in our projects. We use tools like trello and slack among others for collaboration throughout the project phase.

Developing the product

Right from selecting the correct technology, defining the minimum viable product to testing the final product, we ensure a true agile process is followed to bring the product at the shortest time to market. Most importantly we make the development affordable for companies as nearly half the size of the project team is comprised of students.

Launching your Minimum Viable Business

We start the preparation for the final product launch on the market right from the start of the development phase. We mostly engage with MBA graduates to work with you to develop the branding, marketing and social media strategies in preparation for the launch. We also provide the tools needed to build and manage digital contents.